About Me

I am a senior at Utah State University majoring in public relations and minoring in aviation and spanish. I grew up in central Virginia and am the oldest of 5 children. I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves Cache valley for everything it has to offer, even the harsh winters.

Ever since I was little airplanes have fascinated me. Although I have flown hundreds of times and have logged over 150 hours flying airplanes, the flying fever still burns within me. I even still love flying as a passenger and it puzzles me when travelers pull down their window shades on take-off showing their indifference to the miracle of flight.

I come from a family of writers and readers. My father owns a bookstore and my uncle and late grandfather are very renowned authors. My two passions (other than flying) have always been reading and writing. This is much of the reason I decided to major in public relations. I chose this major because of the flexibility it offers me. Though my career path will most certainly involve flying airplanes, I hope to branch out and do other things as well such as business and PR.  I am an instrument rated pilot and am currently working towards my commercial rating. My dream career would be to own my own company and do all my business travel on my own airplane, with me as pilot in command of course. I’m excited for everything the future has to offer and greatly enjoy learning and growing here at Utah State.